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1882 Newspaper Article "A Bad Lot"

Posted by Jay Longley on June 6, 2016 at 6:35 PM

The Moderator of our Bloody Bill Anderson Mystery group on Yahoo, Gayla McDowell, sent me this link to an old newspaper from 1882, right after Jesse James was wrongly alleged to have been killed by Bob Ford. Click on the link to open the newspaper page, click on the + icon to enlarge the page so you can read it, and then find the red highlighted area to find the article entitled "A Bad Lot" at the top of the page. Here are my thoughts on the author's mention of "Bloody Bill" Anderson and his brother Jim.


I think the author was a bit confused on his dates in regard to Bill Anderson. The Richmond bank robbery took place on May 23, 1867 and the Liberty bank robbery was on Feb. 13, 1866. Of course it's possible that Bill Anderson did "rob banks and trains with Jesse James", as his granddaughter Berniece Perkins told me he had, and maybe since the newspaperman didn't know how to make the dates match up with the traditionalist myth of his death, just threw in the "killed near Richmond" line, without elaborating, because he didn't know what really happened to Anderson.

I also found the lines about Jim Anderson being shot by "officers of the Lone Star State" interesting because it doesn't match up with the traditionalist lies that he was killed on "the courthouse square in Sherman" or their other one that he was killed "on the Capitol lawn at Austin". It does match up with my theory that the Jim Anderson, who was riding with John Wesley Hardin when he killed Brown County Deputy Charlie Webb in Comanche, Texas and who was hunted down by a posse and killed near the Leon River (a few miles outside of Comanche), was William C. "Bloody Bill" Anderson's brother Jim Anderson, the Guerrilla.



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